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A controlled manufacturing process is a guarantee of confidence for our customers 



Production begins with the selection of anchovies freshly caught and brought back to the ports of the Atlantic Coast. 

In the cannery, a second more detailed check is carried out to ensure the quality, size and freshness of the anchovies. 


The anchovies are immersed in sea salt for at least 48 hours. Then, each anchovy is cleaned, headed and gutted manually to then be salted.


During this stage, the anchovies are preserved in barrels by alternating layers of salt and anchovies. On each barrel is placed a variable load which will exert pressure on the anchovy and evacuate the tissue liquid and fat.


This stage lasts on average 6 months. The duration will depend on the period in which the anchovy was caught and the specificity of the customer.

Throughout maturation, the anchovies are monitored and controlled by our salters, to guarantee the good quality and good taste of the anchovies.



Once ripe and ready, the anchovies are carefully washed. This step removes the brine from the flesh, thereby reducing its salt level.


Part of the anchovy's belly and tail are cut off

IMG_2737 2.HEIC


The anchovies are then gently drained by a centrifuge to reduce the humidity of each anchovy.


The anchovies are deboned one by one, and filleted by the workers. They are then canned manually.

The added oil is guaranteed without additives or preservatives.

This manual process preserves the taste and nutritional richness of the anchovy, and ensures a good consistent and meaty texture.

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