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We take care of our products and resources.



Quality is placed at the heart of the business through a rigorous quality management system covering the entire production chain. The traceability of raw materials from their reception until the dispatch of the finished product guarantees the quality and conformity of our products.

Quality controls are carried out throughout the production process. The salt level is measured at each stage to guarantee the right taste. Raw materials and finished products are analyzed by ISO 17015 accredited external laboratories.

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Build a committed and long-term relationship with our customers.


Customer satisfaction is one of our key values. From order taking to shipment, the customer is listened to. Knowing your expectations is essential. Our experts are available to advise customers and anticipate their needs.

We therefore undertake to:

  • Respect the deadlines, costs and compliance of each request;

  • Adapt its organization and processes to meet the needs and standards of our customers;

  • Be part of a continuous improvement process to maintain best-in-class commercial performance.



Respect the environment and have a positive local impact.

We are committed to preserving the sustainability of marine resources. Each fish is caught during the season when it is mature. The fishing methods are traditional, in total respect of the seabed and its ecosystem.

In addition, we are part of a process of processing and recycling our organic waste. Edible oils are recycled. Fish waste is recycled and processed.

We are mindful of our territorial footprint and continuously invest in societal actions that create local value. We can cite, for example, the creation and support of the women's football team in the neighboring town of Azemmour, in a logic of women empowerment.

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